Inter-mountain league has been in existence since the early eighties and have been playing cricket since then. Fact of the matter is cricket started in Utah since the 1800 when the pioneers moved to the great state of Utah. Our league is consists of players from Utah, USA, Afghanistan, Australia, Great Britain., India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, The Caribbean’s, and beyond. Majority of our players are either international students, who are attending the local schools i.e. BYU, U of U, Utah State, UVU, SLCC, and many local Jr. high, and high schools. The others came to Utah either vie immigration, or as refugees.

Our league provides fun, and playing opportunities icl logofor these players, and makes them feel home and attached to the sport we all grew up loving, and playing. If you are searching to play some cricket, you have come to a right place. The league starts from mid-April and goes unitl the end of September. After the conclusion of the ICL games, the league host a fun filled T20 Crictober Fest to conclude the season.